“Our ultimate goal is an organization in which inclusiveness is a natural state, not an initiative. We are working to infuse it so deeply into our culture, that it is the natural way things get done at Abbott. This will take work. And we will persevere in it.”

Robert B. Ford, Chairman and CEO, Abbott

“The diversity of our people leads to the innovation that helps us bring life-changing technology to people around the globe.”

Mary Moreland, Executive Vice President, Human Resources


Diversity is ingrained at Abbott. As a global company, it's built into our worldview, workplaces, suppliers and partnerships. We believe advancing diversity is critical because we know varied perspectives inspire new ways to address challenges. That helps us serve our purpose, translating into better life-changing technologies that help people live their healthiest lives. Here you'll find more information about our approach to diversity, sustainability, health equity and diversifying the world's STEM workforce.


Advancing Professionals Network

The Advancing Professionals Network engages and develops the innovative spirit of early-career employees to drive Abbott's leadership in the healthcare industry. This network supports its members and Abbott by focusing on engagement, retention and inclusion for all generations of employees.

Asian Leadership and Cultural Network

Our Asian Leadership and Cultural Network is the leading Asian business and cultural resource within Abbott. The network supports Abbott by providing learning and development, Asian cultural awareness, Asian heritage expertise and community outreach programs.

Black Business Network

Abbott's Black Business Network champions cultural awareness to foster diversity and inclusion throughout our organization. This network supports the full potential of African-Americans at Abbott by contributing ideas, talent and perspectives that support Abbott's business success.

Abbott disABILITY Network

To be a best-in-class network supporting people of all abilities within Abbott. We are here to empower people with disabilities to reach their full career potential. We exist to create a culture of understanding, awareness, advancement and advocacy for individuals with disabilities through education, training, outreach, volunteer events and collaboration. We are advocates for making connections throughout the community to create opportunities for learning, development and inclusivity.

Flex Network

Recognizing the importance of flexible work options, our Flex Network supports and fosters awareness of workplace flexibility. The network provides training and resources to employees and managers, empowering them to advocate for flexibility in the way we work.

LA VOICE Network

LA VOICE connects and inspires its members to build a stronger Abbott. While the network's essence connects us to the Hispanic culture, all employees are welcome to join. As an affinity network, we bring the perspective of individual and collective experiences, concerns, aspirations and values of the culture. By conducting leadership seminars that enhance employees' competencies and participating in career fairs that recruit talent, LA VOICE contributes to the company’s business success. Imbued with Abbott's value of caring, members engage with and volunteer in the community.

PRIDE Network

Our PRIDE Network promotes leadership and performance excellence among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning and ally (LGBTQA) employees. Its focus is to create greater job satisfaction and representation at executive levels in the organization. PRIDE is committed to building a fully inclusive workplace by offering education, support and networking forums.

Veterans Network

The Abbott Veterans Network provides a platform for military veterans and veteran supporters within Abbott to share their unique skillset and values to positively impact business performance, onboard and mentor other veterans and support the communities in which we live.

Women in STEM Network

Our network elevates women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields to seize career opportunities though professional development sessions for technical growth and continued learning as well as access to Abbott leaders, including technical leaders. We unite STEM minds through peer networking, talent recruitment and recognition and participation in key industry events. The network strongly mobilizes and inspires rising STEM talent to be future problem solvers by accessing mentoring and community volunteer opportunities to increase STEM awareness among youth.

Women Leaders of Abbott

Women Leaders of Abbott's mission is to help women leaders maximize their potential and realize great achievement throughout their careers at Abbott. This is accomplished by connecting women and all who inspire growth in women leaders, offering dynamic programs and initiatives to enhance leadership experiences and career development, and personalizing central themes to support the interests of global membership.